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You asked for Renault Lodgy, Here is my answer.


Renault lodgy, Your demand, My responsibility. here is the example, You will get the required information to decide whether you should go with it or not?

Lets Check it out,

But to know this car completely, you need to check the Specifications and Dimentions.

Renault lodgy dimensions

Length x Width x Height (mm) 4498 x 1751 x 1697 (Lodgy), 4522 x 1767 x 1697 (Premium Stepway Edition)
Wheelbase (mm) 2810
Ground clearance (mm) 174
Turning circle dia (m) 5.55
Kerb weight (kg) 1299-1338 (85PS), 1353-1368 (110PS), 1365 (Premium Stepway Edition)
Fuel tank capacity (lt) 50


By looking the above mentioned dimensions, It can clearly be judged that if you need the best possible space from your car, simply have a look on it.


Now lets check out,

Renault Lodgy Engine and Transmission.

No of cylinder & configuration 4 cylinders, 2 valves per cylinder SOHC;  Turbo CGT-85/VGT-110
Capacity (cc) 1461
Power (PS @ rpm) [email protected] (85PS), [email protected] (110PS), [email protected] (Premium Stepway Edition)
Torque (Nm @ rpm) [email protected] (85PS), [email protected] (110PS), [email protected] (Premium Stepway Edition)


One thing just need to be mentioned, though both the engine options mentioned above are great at its pricing, But I strongly prefer to go with the 110PS one, The reason is so simple, just ask yourself, Why had you selected this car, of course for some purpose like touring, family trips, long distance journeys etc., am I correct ? (Hopefully Yes), than just give me a reason to go with a less powerful engine just because you are getting 2-4 KMPL more than the other one.. so that’s the reason I stick with 110 PS engine if you ask me.

Renault Lodgy Variants That I suggest

Again I will come to the same point, As mentioned above I would suggest that don’t just buy a car, Own it, I have a huge meaning in the sentence, Main concern is not about the features that you are getting from the models you had selected, but the features and additional layer of protection in terms of safety that your are getting in the money that you have invested in it. So my suggestion is at least go with RXL or my recommended variant is RXZ, I had mentioned the same thing in the video.

Renault lodgy Colours

Additionally Renault lodgy is available in 6 Exciting colours

  1. Planet Gray
  2. Royal Orchid
  3. Slate Gray
  4. Fiery red
  5. Moonlight silver
  6. Perl white

to choose from.. Believe me this is not the website to find the data, this is the place where you can get your answers personally, and hence you will find everything here with a personal touch.

I am here to help you all out for your questions and queries along with your confusions, so the first thing you will notice here in my website is its totally different from other websites that will show you all the figures that are easily available in the brochures.. and even on the official websites of the company,

and if you will find the same details here, I just can’t imagine why you will come here? I think you got my point, Please don’t expect hi res pictures, large tables copied from the brochures and many such things.

Additionally, Here is a great news for you all my friends, Now onwards, you can demand a dedicated video and I will make it possible for you if I find it useful even for my other viewers.

More interesting thing in this series is not only you will get your desired video, but you will be featured even on my website along with my youtube channel.

isn’t it’s a great news?

So common don’t wait, just mention your interesting questions starting with #askjaydee #Vod ahead of each of your comments.

Its a small effort to make you all feel delighted and connected with me. I really hope you will like this new concept I implemented only for you guys.

If you haven’t seen my advice section. here it is. Have a look. and also my youtube channel is here tell me what do you think about it.

Disclaimer :- All the images shown in the video are shown just for the illustration purpose, and for actual product, please do visit the official website or showrooms of the respective companies.

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