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Mahindra KUV100 Nxt

Yes. It can If you can..! KUV100 Nxt is the most suitable vehicle for this tag line, you know why? Well, this article will tell you why.

So lets get into it.. and discover this small SUV KUV100 Nxt (that’s what mahindra calls to this car).

As always we will have a look on every aspect of the KUV100 Nxt by covering about, Interior, Exterior, Sides, Safety, Comfort, Engines and performance, Dimensions, colours, pricing and variants wise difference etc.

Exteriors of KUV100 Nxt

KUV100 Nxt frontBeginning from front, the first thing you will notice is the aggressive grill with chrome inserts, the sporty, stylish and muscular duel tone front bumper with silver skid plate and to complete this design, the dual chamber sunglasses inspired headlamps with LED DRL and the all new bazzel surrounding front foglamps gives KUV100 Nxt a bold SUV look.

Side profile of KUV100 Nxt

KUV100 Nxt side profileThe muscular body lines which not only justifies the aerodynamics, but the road presence also will turn the heads (But the car must be in dark colours like red…). The square shaped wheel arches with wheel, door and sill cladding gives the side profile an edge over the competition.

The sporty 15″ Diamond cut alloy wheels with a mahindra logo in centre of the diameter, tells the story of mahindra rise.

Right above the wheels the dual coloured sporty ORVMs are placed along with the integrated turn signals which fulfills the requirements and enhances the looks.

Rear part of KUV100 Nxt

KUV100 Nxt rearNot only from front and sides, the new KUV100 Nxt has been revamped from rear too. As rear also gets the same dual tone muscular, sportier, and stylish bumper with silver skid plates. Integrated spoiler with aero corners and double barrel clear vision tail lamps presents its uniqueness.

Interior of KUV100 Nxt

No non-sense facelift is what this car teaches its rivals, Mahindra had done a great job by implementing the required changes and making this car a complete revamped for its NXT gen buyers.

Yes. I mean to say we have seen many upgrades from various brands and its products, but only the cosmetic changes have been noticed in them, But with KUV100 Nxt the picture is different in each aspects.

KUV100 Nxt interiorSo as the interior, Let it be the first-in-class six seats arrangement, the flat floor, or the unique storage options like underseat storage and under floor storage, it has everything right now to offer which the competition have nothing to think about.. (others are still speechless).

Not only Premium interior with sporty black theme, piano black inserts, silver accents will let you feel the richness with the quality and colour combination of the materials used here,


Host of features like front and rear arm rests with cup holders, cooled glove box, sunglass holder and utility storages options will give you the extra layer of comfort plus convenience.

The centre console and dashboard of KUV100 Nxt

Here comes the part of interior which will win you heart from the moment of steping into the car.

The 7″ Infotainment system (We will talk about it later), the console mounted joystick type gear shift, and the climate controlled air conditioner controls, are designed and placed in such a way that a driver can reach with least effort.

Additional Comfort & convenience features of KUV100 Nxt

Height adjustable driver seats, driver footrest (Dead Pedal) which is usually seen in auto transmission cars, Tilt adjustable electronic power steering with useful controls on it will be the features that will give driver the reason to focus completely in their driving.

Instrument Cluster of KUV100 Nxt

Again there are lot of informations are available for the driver, but the most important out of all is the gear shift indicators available in this twin pod cluster which will help the new drivers to take the full advantage of the fuel efficient engines of KUV100 Nxt just by insisting to shift gears depending on various factors thus providing the best possible mileage.

Boot space of KUV100 Nxt

KUV100 Nxt boot space243 LTRs of boot space has been already provided for Indian customer’s requirements, But  Zyada ki requirement has been fulfilled by  the foldable rear seats along with the flat floor for the boot by providing the total 473 LTRs. Isn’t it interesting?


Lets talk Engine and performance of KUV100 Nxt

KUV100 Nxt engineMfalcon technology has been used to master the engineering to produce two great engines, mFalcon G80 3 Cylinder petrol engine and mFalcon D75 3 Cylinder Diesel motor.


mFalcon G80 3 Cylinder petrol engine of KUV100 Nxt

This engine is 1198cc with Dual variable valve timing and thus this engine is able to provide better fuel efficiency and solid performance by providing 82 BHP of Power in 5500 RPM and Torque you will get is 115NM @ 3500-3600 RPM which is great for 1.2 Petrol Engine.

mFalcon D75 3 Cylinder Diesel engine of KUV100 Nxt

This 3 Cyl. 1198 CC ie. 1.2LTR engine is boosted with turbocharger and intercooler thus its providing its best performance, 77BHP of power @ 3750 RPM and 190NM of Torque @ 1750-2250 RPM. supremely engineered technology is here by mahindra.

Suspension of KUV100 Nxt

Independent mcpherson strut with dual path mount, coil spring and hydraulic gas charged shock absorber in front which is more than capable to handle the weight coming on the front wheels.

At the rear the semi-independent twist beam with coil spring and hydraulic gas charged shock absorber is present to provide the smoothest ride possible.

On addition to it, the travel of the suspension has been improved and not it comes with a longer travel then before so the car can absorb more jerks and deep potholes without any problem.

Approach and departure angles of KUV100 Nxt is something that puts this car far apart from the competition, as as approach and departure both the angles are more higher then ever before, If you have seen the video, I have tried to test this and surprisingly KUV100 Nxt passed my test.

Features and components of KUV100 Nxt

I will make a simple list of important features to let you understand every features and its benefits,

  • 7″ capacitive touchscreen infotainment system with 4 speakers and 2 tweeters will do its primary job fantastically ie. playing music, videos and pictures, but along with this, GPS Navigation will provide you the correct way to reach your destination with ease.
  • The system is ready to be attached with the camera in the rear bumper of the car.
  • there is also the driver system with voice alerts which will assist driver in many important ways.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 and usb connectivity to sync your phone and do whatever you want to do with it.
  • The car info function will display each and every details which is helpful for driver.
  • Electronic climate control Air Conditioning system to ensure that the temperature is the same it always wanted to be.
  • Reverse parking sensors with New Intellipark technology to ease your reverse parking.
  • Follow me Headlamps to guide you the way to home even after locking the car for few seconds so that nothing can be the obstacle in your way because lack of visibility.
  • Twin Pod instrument cluster with many functions and the special feature is the gear shift indicator which we discussed earlier.
  • The mFalcon with D75 comes with Power and Eco mode selector.
  • And the power of Mahindra’s revolutionary micro hybrid technology that will stop the engine of the car in traffic signals and start it again once the clutch is pressed.
  • this way the KUV100 Nxt will end up giving more fuel efficiency life long as far as you maintain the car well as per the companies schedule.

ARAI Tested Fuel Efficiency of KUV100 Nxt

Company claimed fuel efficiency of KUV100 Nxt G80 petrol is 18.15 KMPL, yes its impressive.

D75 ie. Diesel  is 25.32 KMPL which is above the expectation, and there is a huge reason behind this.

The 3 Cyl. master piece available in both the cars.

Safety features of KUV100 Nxt

Now comes the part, Safety, yes if any car fails here, I simply don’t review it.

Trust me, My main focus remains on safety as a priority as whatever the features and specifications available in any car.

I have reviewed KUV100 Nxt, So there might be something, lets have a look at those features :-

  • The body of KUV100 Nxt is built with robust monocoque construction with ultra high strength steel which will provide an all round layer of protection in interior space in terms of passive safety.
  • ABS with EBD will provide you the best possible braking when ever needed, in fact its always required as active safety feature.
  • There is an Option of airbag from the very basic variant ie. K2+.
Additional Safety and security features of KUV100 Nxt will include ISOFIX, Auto hazard lights, Speed sensing door locks & Engine immobiliser.

Dimensions of KUV100 Nxt

Please find below how big is this SUV :-

  • Length :- 3700, ample interior space,
  • Width :- 1735, More shoulder room
  • height :- 1655, enough head room
  • Front track :- 1490, Improved stability
  • Rear Track :- 1490, Improved stability
  • Wheel base :- 2385, Huge factor for space, stability and handling,
  • Ground clearance :- 170 (Unladen)  no worries for rough roads
Variant wise difference in KUV100 Nxt

The base variant of Mahindra KUV100 Nxt K2 / K2+

kuv100 nxt k2 features

Better to buy variant Mahindra KUV100 Nxt K4+

kuv100 nxt k4+ features

almost everything included in Mahindra KUV100 Nxt K6+

kuv100 nxt k6+ features

Top-Of-The-Line Mahindra KUV100 Nxt K8

kuv100 nxt k8 features


My final words on KUV100 Nxt

  • The seating position and visibility is superb, so you will never be out of confidence.
  • Initially the 3 Cyl engine will be something like anti-exciting for you.
  • There are many benefits like lower emissions, greater fuel efficiency, less maintenance cost.
  • Once one get used to it, it will be pleasure to drive and maintain this SUV
  • Seats offers a superior comfort and space,
  • 3 passengers are seating in rear seats will get enough Head, Knee and Shoulder room.
  • Steerability and the feel of steering are amazing, you will never feel that you are driving a small SUV. Typical mahindra style and I liked it.
  • I have driven the car on footpath and road to check its SUV type offroading capabilities.
  • Because of the higher Approach and departure angles, rough roads would be like bread and butter.
  • 5.05 Meters of Turning radius, is something you will always need to drive a car in city.
  • Yes this happend with me too..! The hand try to find the gear shifts in the middle of seats, but gradually it will get used to.
  • I have done some extreme test to prove the term SUV wrong. But trust me guys, this small beast has won my tests.
  • It defeated my imagination and proved me wrong that this can not do.
  • Positively came to me shouting the word – ” I can if You can..”
  Mahindra KUV100 Nxt – It can if you can..!

I hope you liked the article. if it is so, consider liking, sharing it with your friends and family. And bookmark this site made just for the love of driving and riding.


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