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Baleno RS VS Fiat Punto Abarth VS Polo GT TSI VS Ford Figo 1.5

Petrol Powered hatches are somehow winning hearts of performance car lovers, Especially the petrol hatch backs cars with turbochargers and and the engines which has tremendous power delivery.

This is not new that we have many such people in India who just loves performance hatchbacks but now there is more people who are just adding their names in this list, I have figured out the reason that why such thing has happened? and guess what I just came up with the conclusion that Maruti has brought a product in this awesome segment. and finally I understand that this was about to be happened.

But what about the existing awesome products which were already there in the market and ruling this segment? do they need to worry? Absolutely NO, you know why ? well I had given the answer for this question in this video. But let me give you an Idea for the people who dont understand my language ie. Hindi..!

Well I have shortlisted 4 cars in total including Baleno RS, and I made various comparisons containing performance and pricing as a major factor to give them a personal ranking.

the cars which gives the best competition to baleno RS are mentioned below :-

1) Fiat Punto Abarth
2) Ford Figo 1.5 TI VCT
3) VW Polo GT TSI

I have compared all these aspects in all cars and finally given my own verdict at the end of the video.

Feel free to ask me anything in the comment section below..

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