Know about Jay Dave of Incredible Autoz | Why you should read his blog?
Know about Jay Dave of Incredible Autoz | Why you should read his blog?

Know about Jay Dave of Incredible Autoz | Why you should read his blog?

19 June 2021

Hey there, I am Jay Dave – AKA JayDee of Incredible Autoz.

September 2016 – Yes,

It was the time when I rolled out the first video.

And it was the channel trailer containing a whole lot of mistakes (Obviously),

Since then, I have seen many changes and many falls on this journey.

 But I was firmly determined about not giving up, And the great thing was that I was following so many amazing personalities who kept motivating me.

The list is big and I don’t them to get attention on this number as that’s the plan for the future.

 All I want to say now is I am completely out of this world and feeling awesome to reach here.

I have always believed that numbers don’t matter at all, what matters the most is the quality of engagement and how the viewers and readers respond to the content you publish.

Similarly, If you are reading about Jay Dave and Incredible autoz, that means you are most likely my most engaged reader.

 As its, the open world and everyone has their own opinions and right to speak anything about everything here.

And falling on such platforms and expressing your views about the products and services which falls under your niche is not that easy.

It was the experience and knowledge I gained while my professional career where I had given more than 12 years of my life that helped me to boost my confidence while speaking/sharing my thoughts about everything I know.

 But that was not sufficient to reach here, While I was working at my job in the field of sales and marketing I have developed several skills in an old school way, and seriously speaking that was all needed back then.

And then I started learning and my day started changing. That was the time when I become JayDee from Jay Dave of Incredible Autoz.

Everything’s changed Not in terms of earning, In fact even today, I don’t earn equally compared to what I use to earn from a job.

My learning gave me skills, I got to know so many mentors, I came in touch with many interesting personalities, I started asking about several things and kept practicing on whatever I learned and that’s how I made you read this after reaching here.

Every new day of my life since then ends with a big question. ” What (new) you have learned today? “

From the very first day, I have decided to follow my ethics and principles, and I think that’s the reason it took so much of time to reach here, but I am seriously satisfied with everything that I have achieved till now.

Here is a recent post I had written, I am sure you will love reading this even if you already know How to Drive a Car.

Thank you so much for reading a bit about Jay Dave and Incredible Autoz. I would really appreciate if you can share my posts with your friends and family.

You can have a look at my YouTube Channel.

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