Hero Xtreme 160R | Top 5 Things to know
Hero Xtreme 160R | Top 5 Things to know

Hero Xtreme 160R | Top 5 Things to know

8 May 2021

Certainly, many of you are waiting for the launch of the Hero Xtreme 160R BS6, But because of the situations currently we are facing, many launches are being delayed.

So, I strongly believe that the latest by the end of June we will be able to see the motorcycle.

Meanwhile, while staying at home, what you can do is have a look at the pictures below and read what you can expect from the upcoming Hero Xtreme 160R.

Basics about the Hero Xtreme

The bike falls in Necked Sports ie. NS Category.

If you are not sure what Necked sports segment is, Here is a video that explains about all segments of motorcycles.

Now considering its Displacement, this will be the ideal one for the one who want more thrust than 125 and 150 CCs but at the same time they don’t really want to go near 200CC.

Company also aims the young generations of collage pass outs, young professionals or anyone who ant to upgrade for more power while remaining in a tight budget.

That’s the reason, the main areas in terms of USPs are Style, Performance and Handling along with some cutting edge features.

The Rivals and Expected pricing of Hero Xtreme 160R

Well, I must say that the first options comes in your mind when you think about 160CC bikes are most likely the Honda Hornet and the Stunning TVS Apache RTR160.

Similarly, some of you might also think about the Yamaha FZ-S and The Bajaj Pulsar NS160.

As you already know that the price of Hero’s 200s Version was a real deal back then. Hero somehow managed so well that it had undercut its rivals very easily with is lower pricing and other USPs.

I am pretty much sure that this time also, Hero is going to put this bike in similar manner.

Hence, one can expect that this bike can be priced around 80000 to 85000 Ex-Showroom Delhi.

If this happened, you will notice that this bike will be a common sight of Indian roads.

Performance: Xtreme 160R

Talking about the Specifications, The Hero Xtreme 160R is equipped with 163cc Single Cylinder fuel-injected engine.

The most interesting thing here is Hero has equipped this engine with 14 sensors in Hero Xtreme 160R which in return will help the engine to provide the best possible performance.

Now, the output is not the best in class with numbers like 15 bhp and 14 Nm power and torque respectively.

The good thing though is the weight that Hero Xtreme 160R has is it just 138.5 kg.

Thus, you will get superb power to weight ratio.

According to Hero, the Hero Xtreme 160R achieved 0-60 km/h speed in just 4.7 seconds, and that’s the reason we can not expect its mileage over 45-50 kmpl in normal day to day usage scenarios.

Although the claimed mileage figures are not out yet, to get optimum fuel efficiency in city conditions from this torquey beast, you will need to use it with great care and love.

Features of the Xtreme 160R that keeps it apart.

So, As I told you in the beginning about its USPs, I wrote the word features which is not very common for two-wheeler articles, Right?

Well, This is 2020 and the competition here is also going like crazy. To lead in this congested world, Hero is not behind in any way.

Hence, Hero Xtreme 160R has list of features that might be very helpful in regular usage.

Have a look at the features of Hero Xtreme 160R:

  • side stand indicator,
  • Showa front forks,
  • first in segment petal disc brakes,
  • inverted LCD screen,
  • concealed grab rails et al.
  • hazard light switch,
  • a wide 130mm rear tire
  • 7 step adjustment for the rear suspension.

Conclusion: Xtreme

Don’t you think that 80k to 85k will be well invested if you consider buying Hero Xtreme 160R?

I must say that the overall package which includes good engine and performance, good feature list can be a VFM (Value for money) deal.

Still, I can not say much in the Ride and Handling department unless I ride it thoroughly. I will update you if that happens soon.

Until then,

I want to know from you that what else you will compare if you are planning for a 160cc Bike?

Recently I also wrote about the all-new Hyundai Verna 2020. I think you will love to know about that too.

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