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Tata Tiago NRG

Tiago NRG
Tiago NRG

The car that succeeded to win many hearts of the hatchback buyers in India.

Tata Motors has done a significant job with the impact design, all-new engines and features and much more interesting stuff packed in their recent launches including Tiago, Nexon, Tigor, and Hexa also we can’t forget the Zest for that matter.

All these things grabbed the attention of not only the younger generation of India but also the youth by heart has fallen in love with these cars.

In India, the trend flows beyond the good products when it comes to automobiles.

People want Major to minor upgrades frequently, and this comes handy to generate more and more sales for the companies too.

More interestingly, the tiago has achieved significant growth with the total sales of 9277 Units for a single month ie. August 2018.

Tiago has achieved highest growth in August 2018.

I have already predicted this for nexon and tiago way before the achievement, when the cars were just launched.

I know that you’ve came here to read about the Tiago NRG.

So let’s start it.

I would like to add that this upgrade does not contain more technical changes, I have already made a review video where I have explained everything about it.

Complete Review Video for the Tiago

So ill talk only about the cosmetic changes that has been made in the NRG edition.

Beginning with the Exteriors,

Tiago NRG Exterior
Tata Tiago NRG Exterior

NRG the word itself has been derived from ENERGY. and The Urban Tough roader is what the Tata Calls it.

That is the reason they have made it look like one too.

Tiago NRG Front
Tiago NRG Front

Front part contains muscular cladding and skid plates giving the car a bolder wider and taller looks from front itself.

Tiago NRG Side
Tiago NRG Side

Side profile looks stunning too, with the new durable dual tone alloy wheels and the squircle pattern wheel arches along with the line that connects the front wheel arch to the rear one.

the ecstasy goes till the rear portion.

 Rear Of Tiago NRG
 Rear Of Tiago NRG

The rear also receives the stunning elements like skid plates and cladding

Tiago NRG Roofrail
Tiago NRG Roofrail

Not only this the roof of the car continues the stance with blacked roof and the sporty roof rails that have been redesigned to give it more sporty and energetic look.

The wrap around headlamp is now packed with a follow me home function.

Tiago NRG Headlamp
Tiago NRG Headlamp

Now lets dive into the interior.

Air-con Wraparound

As soon as you enter the car, the whole black interior with vibrant canyon insertion will welcome you.

Yes, there are various places like the Air-conditioner blower, center console, and gear lever portion is surrounded with the same interesting elements.

Tiago NRG Gear Lever surroundings
Gear Lever surroundings

The body-hugging holsters and the seats contain these linings in the denim-inspired fabric. Also, the orange stitches will give you the energetic feel too.

Tiago NRG Seats
Tiago NRG Seats
Orange Stitch patterns looks stunning

Seats were already comfortable in the regular model too. So no changes there.
The biggest highlights of the interior is the all-new music system.

Tiago NRG Music System
Tiago NRG Music System

The all-new 5″ Infotainment system is derived from the other great model from Tata, If you know which car is that, please mention in the comments below.

The new system has all the features including navigation which was kind of missing in the regular model.

But the regular model as an added advantages of its own and one of them is the option to switch between the Eco and Power mode.

As I mentioned in the video, considering the nature and the purpose of the NRG, we can really compromise the missing of Eco mode. It’s justified here.

As far as the competition is concerned, there are two main rivals which can be placed in the list of the shortlisted cars of its segment.

Alternatives of Tiago NRG

One Maruti Suzuki Celerio X.

Maruti Suzuki Celerio X
Maruti Suzuki Celerio X

Celerio X is the car that can fall little lower than the Tiago NRG. But in the availability of Tiago, I strongly recommend taking a Proper test-drive of both and then and only then finalize.

another is the Ford Freestyle,

Yes, Tiago can also be considered the cheaper option of the freestyle. Although looking at the power and torque figures of both, the freestyle is a clear winner but when we look at the prices, Tiago is a value for money option.

I hope that this article will help you select the most ideal car as per your requirements and budget in this particular segment.

Video for the new Tiago NRG

Still confused??

Here is the list of Best petrol Hatchback you can consider. 


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