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Honda Amaze 2018 – A Big move

honda amaze 2018 ext

Honda Amaze 2018 is not a “Brio With a Boot” – Yes when the first gen amaze has been launched back in 2013, people use to call it a Brio with a boot, as it was based on the brio’s platform.

And not only in the Exterior part, the interior part was bit too dull in front of the competition, and there was a specific reason for that too – Cost cutting.

honda amaze 2018 ext 1

But finally the “Big Move” has been taken by Honda, in-fact Ill call it a huge move as the second gen amaze has been launched in such a way that not only its own segment but the segments above the new  Honda Amaze 2018 has started feeling shy.


So in today’s Video and article I will tell you everything about the all new  Honda Amaze 2018.

The variants  I have driven for the review are VXMT Petrol and VCVT Diesel to give you the correct idea of both the engines.

honda amaze 2018 1.5 dieselHonda Amaze Diesel 2018 engine

But first thing is to know why the all new  Honda Amaze 2018 is all new and fresh in all the ways.

Let’s start with the platform first,

honda amaze 2018 platform

And as I mentioned earlier, now the new  Honda Amaze 2018 is not really a brio with a boot, it has been developed on a completely new platform, or else I would say that a completely new platform has been developed for the all new  Honda Amaze 2018 which may be used in the upcoming future models of Honda too.

The good thing to know about this all new platform is this platform has cross sections and a thicker and stronger crumple zones in its construction.

And as a result of this change

the all new  Honda Amaze 2018 is more crash-worthy than ever before.

Not only that, in spite of the stronger construction, the high tensile steel has been used to make this change rather than the conventional pressed steel and this resulted in making this body 40 KG lighter.

isn’t it an interesting part ?

Yes, because in the near future, the upcoming safety norms in 2019, the all new  Honda Amaze 2018 is completely ready to beat the competition with its great crash-worthiness.

Overall dimensions has also been changed as mentioned :
Overall Length (mm) 3995
Overall Width (mm) 1695
Overall Height (mm) 1501(S,V,VX) / 1498(E)
Wheelbase (mm) 2470
Kerb Weight (kg) 905(E), 917(S), 921(V), 924(VX) 942(S), 945(V) 993(E), 1010(S),1021(V), 1023(VX) 1031(S), 1039(V)
Fuel Capacity (litres) 35
Seating Capacity 5
Cargo Space (Litres) 420


So as mentioned above, almost in every aspects the new Honda Amaze 2018 is bigger, wider and longer. additionally the wheelbase is now 65 mm longer and this will directly benefited in providing ample of interior space, especially in the rear seats.

But let’s talk about the exterior before interior.

honda amaze 2018 front

At the first sight, the front part of the car containing the combination of  bold front grill the sharp headlamps which gives an aggressive looking nose, I don’t know why but it reminds me of an American famous muscle car. (tell me in the comments which car it might be)

Front and rear track of Honda Amaze 2018

Talking about the Bonnet, as its looking much wider and bigger its not just a design but its a difference of the front and rear tracks from the previous model where the front track is 17 MM and the rear track is 25 MM wider to make this car more spacious and stable at the same time.

honda amaze 2018 sideSide profile of Honda Amaze 2018

In the side profile Honda has maintained their identity of simple and sober looking designs with a single character line and a 175/65/R15 tires with a new alloy wheel design.  No fancy stuff and awkward looking insertions placed here. Hence the car looks so rich and sophisticated.


honda amaze 2018 sideRear design of Honda Amaze 2018

And the same case is present in the rear, decent rear end is simple too. But the C-Shaped tail lighting represents its connections with the elder siblings.



honda amaze 2018 boot space Boot Space of Honda Amaze 2018

Boot is also the specious one with 420 LTRs of the space. Additionally the depth of the boot lid is not much deeper so there won’t be any issues in loading and unloading the luggage. Cool .



honda amaze 2018 1.2 dieselEngine Bay space

Space is not just present in the interior and boot, This time Honda has also kept in mind about the Engine bay. If you look at the engine bay (Engine compartment) there is also ample of space present.  The reason behind doing this is very simple this way they can put more absorbers and insulation to decrease the overall NVH of the “Earth-Dreams”, also its very easy task to initiate the repair works for the mechanics.

Just have a look at the Engine Specs :
Engine and performance Petrol Diesel
Engine Type 4 Cylinder, SOHC i-VTEC 4 Cylinder, DOHC i-DTEC
Displacement(CC) 1199 1498
No. of Valves 16 16
Power ([email protected]) [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
Torque ([email protected]) [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
Fuel Efficiency (km/l) 19.5 19 27.4 23.8
MT Auto MT Auto
5 Forward & 1 Reverse
5 Forward & 1 Reverse
Automatic CVT CVT
Type Electric Power Assisted
Turning Radius(m) 4.7 4.9
BRAKE SYSTEM Petrol Diesel
Front Disc
Rear Drum
Front McPherson Strut Coil Spring
Rear Torsion Beam Coil Spring
Wheel Type 14 x 5J Steel (E,S) & 15 x 5J Alloy (V,VX) 14 x 5.5 J Steel (E, S) & 15 x 5.5 J Alloy (V, VX)
Tyre Type & Size Tubeless Radial Ply, 175/65 R14 (E, S), 175/65 R15 (V, VX)
Spare Tyre Size 175/65 R14 (E, S), 175/70 R14 (V, VX)


Interior part of Honda Amaze 2018

Ok, Let’s come inside and see what the all new Honda Amaze 2018 has to offer in Interiors of the all new amaze.

And as soon as you step inside, the very first thing you’ll notice is the complete change in the interior side too, and as we all know that the previous gen amaze was somehow lacking in terms of the interior design but this is not at all the case with the new Honda Amaze 2018.

honda amaze 2018 interior

Piano finished dual tone dashboard will give you a rich and premium feel. The materials used here is not the soft touch but still it provide the same elegant look because of the texture.

Honda’s revolutionary theme

“Man Maximum And Machine Minimum” is so nicely implemented inside the car that each passenger along with the driver gets their own space to adjust.

honda amaze 2018 center consoleEven the plastic quality (as always) will remind you that you are seating in a Honda car. The buttons and the knobs are made so nicely that it can last for longer time.

I must say that the competition (The toughest rival) is surely lacking here and many more such aspects.

honda amaze 2018 front seat

Front Seats..!

Aah its so comfortable that I can say that this is the first car of the segment that I had felt so gentle and  soft that I can drive at least 1000 KMs without even taking a small tea break that too without feeling tired.

There are two main reasons for that, one is its quality of cushion and fabric and second is its agronomic that can keep your spine in its best possible posture.

honda amaze 2018 rear seat

Rear seats of New Honda Amaze 2018

the one which can be advised to the chauffeur driven customer. yes, rear passengers will enjoy the space like legroom head room and shoulder room. although the under-thigh support could have been better. one more thing that I missed here at the back was the adjustable head restraints. they can be very much life saving in the cases like rear collisions as they are made to save the neck injuries in such impacts.

My height is 5’9″ and I was brushing my hair while seating at the rear, As I have curls and you very well know its nature, what I mean to say is if you are above 6′ tall, you better take your best position in the rear seat before selecting the new Honda Amaze 2018.

honda amaze 2018 glow boxInterior Storage options in Honda Amaze 2018

There are many small and big storage spaces provided in the interior. all doors has its own bottle holders along with the glove box. so the typical Indian family will probably find all their spaces to keep the stuff while having the fun travelling in Honda Amaze 2018.


Features and Equipment

Equipment is something that from the beginning Honda has provided by understanding the needs of their customers.

Everything that is necessary is present and you will never ever find the unnecessary stuff in any of the Honda’s car.

As I said Earlier the crash-worthiness is very much improved, that is the case of Active safety but what about the passive one?

honda amaze 2018 airbagSafety :

Well nothing to complain here too, as this time the features like ABS, EBD, Dual airbags and isofix child seats has been made standard fitment throughout the variants.

My old viewers already know that in any car if there is no standard safety features provided, I simply don’t review it.

And I can say that this is the justification of the invested hard earned money of the customers.

honda amaze 2018 digipad


The Digi-pad 2.0 (Only in top end) and the 17.7 CM touch screen infotainment system is loaded with android auto, apple car play and also the satellite linked navigation system  which is missing not only in the segment but also in some cars above its segment.

Speaking about AC, yes it has Auto climate control AC which is the best out of all the cars that I have driven in compact sedan segment.

I can tell this because while I was reviewing this car, the outside temperature was around 45 Degree Celsius. And as soon as I entered in the car and turned on the ac at its coolest possible mode. I was feeling like heaven and that’s because the size (in CC) of its compressor has been increased a bit. That’s the reason behind not providing the rear AC vents.

The truth of AC vents.

AC vents means that you have a simple pipe underneath that supplies a flow of cool air from the front. its not the one with the completely different compressor for the rear AC. So that’s totally unnecessary and as I said, no unnecessary junk here in Honda.

Enough of AC thingy, The top end variant offers key-less entry and go with boot opening facility, and the V CVT petrol offers you the first in segment paddle shift which is just amazing.



honda amaze 2018 paddle shift

OK, now what and what not is done. Let’s talk how its actually performing while driving.

I have driven both Petrol Manual and Diesel CVT to tell you everything about both the engines.

So Ill start with the petrol first and if you are interested in diesel, simply skip 4 Paragraphs.

honda amaze 2018 petrol engine1

1.2 Ltr 90 HP petrol

its providing the performance and the expected Honda petrol’s refinement levels. What I have seen and felt is the only two problems. 1) its lacking in the mid range torque. 2) the longer 4th and 5th gear ratios. this will lead you to downshift while sudden acceleration requirements like overtaking.

Its normal in 1.2 L engine and its completely acceptable. After all you are getting 19+ KMPL of ARAI tested fuel efficiency. So again no complains about it.

As usual I have driven this car with my full potential in fact its full potential. Honda’s petrol engines are quite rev friendly, and same thing here. I have given the car a full throttle right from around 2500 RPM till around 6600 RPM. I was getting the linear delivery. Impressed.

Manual gears are quite smooth. And there is also an option of CVT for your convenience and it also have a sports mode. It can be engaged while incline or loaded driving and the car will run in the lower gear ratios. Now I think I do not need to mention that how the Honda’s cars perform when its mated with CVT’s.  Do I?

Earth Dreams

honda amaze 2018 diesel engine1The other side is the most awaited 1.5L 4 CYL 100 HP Diesel that has been mated with CVT for the first time in Indian Automobile History..I am so excited that I loved to write this.

I can surely say that its even more exciting to drive than reading and writing.

When I placed my right foot on the accelerator, I revved the engine till 1600 – 1800 RPM and removed my left foot from the brake paddle. I got linear power and super fine response till the end ie. 4200 – 4300 RPM and you will get an instant spark in back of you mind that you are certainly driving a car with a powerful engine.

Fun fact :

Honda has decreased the power and torque figures of around 20 percent. This is for the CVT only not for the manual one. As per Honda’s engineers if they would not have done this with the engines mated with CVT, the complains of the belt slip in CVT could come. And Honda simply didn’t wanted this.

This are just a numbers and can be read only on papers. In real life you won’t feel any lacking while driving.

I will call this a technology, what about you?

Until 3500 – 3700 RPM this engine has performed so smoothly. but as you’ll push it to the red line, there will be some rubber band effect felt for sure. But anyways you know that you are driving a CVT and that too with a diesel engine. In such combination this thing is kind of obvious and acceptable.

honda amaze 2018 highwayRide and Handling

Ride & Handling is a complete peace too. The suspension of Honda cars are always on the softer side but this won’t effect in handling. I want to tell you that the cornering ability is something that you can only get in large sedans. That means you will have complete control while turning too.

honda amaze 2018 rough roadAs you can see in the picture above, I have driven the car on both, Extremely rough and also on the super flat and clean highway and while on both the surfaces I was like more than comfortable with the ride quality. and I have not felt any of the irritating jerks while my drive.

With The pricing of the new amaze 2018, it can be called the complete package definitely.

Additionally the features present in the different variants as per the requirements and needs of the customers. And the justified difference of pricing between all the variants is damn good.

Engine specifications, Dimensions, Manual and CVT options, Looks and styling, comfort and convenience, Ride and handling and last but not the list performance and at the same time the fuel efficiency everything is returning each penny spent for buying your own new Honda Amaze 2018.

My answer to your question to buy it or not will obviously be Yes.!

In the coming days I will come with more interesting such articles. So don’t forget to ask  your questions below in the comments and Ill definitely answer all of them. Also if you need real-time updates, please follow the links below for all social media accounts of Incredible Autoz.

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Also tell me what do you think about the all new Honda Amaze 2018, will it be able to beat its most toughest rival from a leading Japanese brand?

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