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Car Segments in India Explained

In this video I have covered each and every car segments in India as per the SIAM (Society of INDIAN Automobile Manufacturers)

we all know the basic things about car, but sometimes when we look at the documents related to our cars we usually have to Google it for our confusions. For some people its easy to get the information in a matter of some clicks, but some usually quits searching after a confusing way getting various search results.

I have tried to cover each and every car segments in India car type and also explained the body types.

Many customers in India needs such information which usually the dealers do not provide at the time of buying (Because of various reasons like no need of these information and all..

Being an automobile sales consultant in my past, I have never missed to provide all the basic information to my own costumers, and for many of the reference costumers I have been the favorite consultant among all my colleagues.

All because of this reason I thought to start my automobile channel playlist with basic information in spite of direct starting comparing of various vehicles.

I hope you all got all the information, and if you still have any doubts or confusion, I will do anything to get all your questions answered.

Find below what is covered in this video. :-
car segments in India as per Cars Length


car segments in India as per Cars Pricing

& also the body types are explained.

If you are interested in safety related informations, you need to click here.

If you need to ask anything, feel free to comment below. Also have a look at my youtube channel to stay updated with all the informations you love about Indian automobile Industry.

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