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Here in this video I have just given some of the basics of the automobiles.

As we all know that when as customer we go to purchase a new vehicle, or when we compare one vehicle with another let it be car bike or any vehicle, we just end up looking at its condition colors, some fibers and many non use things, but we don’t really consider these most important words by which you one can get the value for money.

We use to hear some common words from the sales consultants of the dealer, but generally did not understand them properly.

My channel is different in this way, I won’t start everything like bigger shows, I want my viewers to first understand the basics and then I should start the comparison, review and the news related to automobiles so that I can really make my viewers understand everything.

Now what I have covered in this video?

I have tried to explain everything in the easiest form so that my viewers don’t need to be the expert.

I have taken 6 Major factors into consideration as mentioned below:-

1) Power
Max Power Developed by the engine
Pferdestärke (PS)
Brake Horsepower(BHP)=0.98 PS
Kilo-Watt= 0.74 PS

2) Torque
Torque is pulling power
Ability to carry weight
Measured in Nm)

3) RPM(Revolution per minute)
Number of rotations done by crankshaft in a minute

4) Power to Weight Ratio
Max power divided by wt. of
the car in tonnes
Measured in PS/Ton

5) Kerb Weight
Kerb Wt.(Kg)is the weight of a vehicle with standard equipment

6) Ground Clearance,
The distance between the land and the object of the car nearer to the land is called ground clearance.

By the way this video is the just to make you understand all my upcoming videos. And I am sure I am going to give you the best possible auto videos as far as my planning is concerned.


Ask me if you have any questions in the comments box below

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