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First thing to Note Before you watch : – This video has been uploaded on January 11, 2017 at 12:52

So why I am placing it here, Well I want my whole library at one place..

All about wheels is my 1st Video in my new Automobile news series.

All I wanted is to keep my viewers updated about the current trends in Automobile industry (of India)

So in this video I have described about top 5 news for Cars and 5 News of bikes and all the content details are mentioned below:-
Car News

No.1 -Update for the launch of Mercedes Benz E-Class albeit and its features in short

No.2 – Price slash update for Fiat Linea

No.3 – Launching update of Renault Cuptur (Kaptur)

No.4-Tata Hexa short descriptions and features

No.5-New Honda City Face lifted is coming soon

Bike news:-

No.1- Bajaj is coming with powerful Vikrant – V22

No.2-CNG Kit for 2 Wheelers will make (medium class) people

No.3-Yamaha is launching its upgraded version of R15 – 3.0

No.4- Monkey bike Benelli T135 is coming to India

No.5-Good year for Royal Enfield India

Ask me if you have any questions in the comments box below

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