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Top 10 Most fuel efficient and economical bikes in India for Jan – 2018.

Hey Incredibles, I have included only those bikes in the list of fuel efficient bikes in India which can be considered as a value for money bikes.

Even though, there are some options that even goes above 65k and that is not advisable if you are looking for cost effective commuter bikes.

But before few days, I got a question from my subscriber that I don’t have any problem in spending more than 60k for a commuter bike but I mainly need 3 things ie. comfort, reliability, durability, decent power to tackle daily city rides, and good fuel efficiency.

At that time I was like amazed, Am sure that after reading this, you must be too.

But at that moment I thought only expensive bikes are not the only thing in the market that people are looking for, the market for economical commuter bikes also is quite competitive and at the same time its confusing too.

Isn’t it right?

Yes I know it.

Soon I had started my research to find fuel efficient bikes in India.

I literally approached various dealerships and met the existing customers of the respective bikes that are in this list of fuel efficient bikes in India which are not only fuel efficient but it has to have other features mentioned earlier.

I mean how is it possible for me to provide the option for my viewers and readers the best possible bikes () ?

Finally I ended up with such a great options that I can’t wait to share with you guys.
I know that you are also waiting to see what I had brought for you and How.
So coming straight to the point and lets start list of the most fuel efficient bikes in India.

1) TVS Sport

Fuel efficient tvs sportTVS Sport is powered with 109cc single cylinder petrol engine that produces 7bhp and 7.5Nm of torque and its mated to a four-speed sequential gearbox.

In APPX. On-road price in Mumbai ₹ 47,674, TVS Sport Can be a good option.

The ARAI certified fuel efficiency of star city is 95 kmpl & 75 – 77 kmpl appx is well received by the users.

2) Bajaj Platina
Fuel efficient bajaj platina
Bajaj Platina is on number 2 of this list it is powered by 102cc DTS-i engine, which produces 8.1bhp and 8.63Nm of torque. Bajaj claims an efficiency of Appx 90 kmpl ARAI certified fuel efficiency and the owners are getting around 74-78 KMPL from this bike, Which is just amazing thing in the price tag of Appx. On-road Mumbai ₹ 58,797.
The main reason I placed this bike on this list is its seat and suspensions.
The suspensions has been improved by Bajaj for this bike and now the travel of front suspension is increased by 28% and rear is increased by around 22%. and it has the longest seat (I believe) from this list.
This makes the platina the most affordable and comfortable bike together.

3) Bajaj CT100
Fuel efficient bajaj ct 100
Bajaj CT 100 is another example by bajaj that is more than eligible to be in my list.
Mainly this bike has been placed for the people who cant afford platina but at the same time don’t want to compromise in the features offered by the Platina.
On-road price Mumbai is appx. ₹ 43,740 and with 99.3cc single-cylinder engine that produces 8.1bhp and 8.05Nm of torque and is mated to a four-speed transmission.
Appx. 89 kmpl is its ARAI certified fuel efficiency and the owners are able to get around 74-78 kmpl

4) TVS Star City Plus
Fuel efficient tvs star city
Here comes the Star. I mean it, with Appx. ₹ 58,604 on-road Mumbai, I think this is another great offering by TVS Motors.
With its ‘Ecothrust’ 110cc DLI engine that produces 8.3bhp and 8.7Nm of torque its got Appx. 86 kmpl ARAI certified mileage but even the owners are getting around 69 KMPL.

Till this point, you might be wondering that why I haven’t included the Hero’s offerings.

Well I would like to mention here that this list is not at all in ascending and descending order.

This list has been especially made for everyone. As everyone has different choices and requirements.

So here comes the option from the popular brand ” Hero”.

5) Hero Passion PRO i3s
Fuel efficient passion pro i3s
with ₹ 62,847 On-road price in Mumbai, this bike gives 84 kmpl ARAI certified fuel efficiency and people are getting around 65 KMPL roughly from its same 97 CC Single cyl engine that produces 8.3 BHP of power and 8 NM of torque.

6) Honda Dream Neo

Fuel efficient Dream Neo

One of the most refined 110 CC engine of this list by Honda is present in Dream Neo, which 8.25bhp power and 8.60Nm of torque and also the ARAI Tested fuel efficiency of 74 KMPL and practically this bike ends up giving a 63 – 65 KMPL of mileage which is not bad at all in appx On-road price Mumbai of around ₹ 60,548

7) Hero Splendor PRO

Fuel efficient splendor pro

Everyone knows this bike from in and out right?

I think no, Why, this is the only bike in the list that I would least recommend buying in such a huge competitive market.

you know why ?

In Appx. ₹ 60,368 On-road, Mumbai this bike claims 90KMPL but usually getting around 60-65KMPL from its 97 CC motor with 7.8 PS and 8 NM power and torque respectively.

I believe that you already have such a great options to choose from that is providing more power and higher fuel efficiency in comparatively lesser price tag.

If you are reading this than you are probably the one who are smart enough to understand my point. Tell me if I am wrong at this point.

8) Hero HF Deluxe
Fuel efficient hero hf deluxe
In fact, This the bike from the same brand, That I can highly recommend.
Not because of its long history, but its because you are getting almost same features, tech-specs and almost similar fuel efficiency that splendour claims and returns with its On-road price of APPX. ₹ 45,677 in Mumbai.

9) Hero Splendor iSmart 110
Fuel efficient splendor ismart
Till this option, you must have understood that I like each and every bikes that I had suggested, but it was the value for money factor, That took me to point of recommendations.
So here is the another great example of Hero that can be called a good choice in Appx. ₹ 67,189 On-road, Mumbai.
As this bike has 110CC engine there is a bit decrease in fuel efficiency but at the same time it also offers good 9BHP power and 9NM torque.
And the ARAI tested mileage is 75 KMPL and owners got around 55-58 KMPL Mileage with a good top seed of 87 KMPH.
The bike also comes with idle start-stop system (i3s) that is most helpful thing in stop-go traffic.

Are you still reading ?

That means that you like this article of mine, and as my thanks to you , here is My pick of the list.

The Tough, Stylish, Durable, Reliable, Comfortable and at the same time its Economical in both Buying and maintaining.

10) TVS Victor

Fuel efficient tvs victor

TVS Victor Comes to appx. ₹ 65,155 On-road, Mumbai and with its 110CC engine that produces 9 PS and 9 NM of power & torque by maintaining the excellent fuel efficiency as the bike returns around 58 – 61 KMPL of impressive fuel efficiency.

Don’t take it wrongly,

I just liked the bike most from the list fuel efficient bikes in India because of various reasons mentioned below : –

– Appx. 65 Thousand on road pricing this bike has everything to offer to a buyer.
– Good engine, reasonable pricing, superior performance along with decent fuel efficiency
– Above everything else, In my research as I mentioned earlier, I haven’t found any single owner who is not happy with this machine called victor and any which ways.

These factors just made me impressed with this baby.

I have done my duty, its your turn now, If you got something to know and you got your own bike to commute daily with a good power and decent fuel efficiency in a reasonable price tag, I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Additionally you can also ask your queries and questions too, let it be anything about Indian Automobile Industries. I just would love to answer all of them.
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Anything else? Please feel free to ask and don’t forget to share this awesome articles and book mark my site to stay updated.

Trust me. You are just Incredible.

  • Disclaimer : There may be variation in the list of fuel efficient bikes in India in pricing and fuel efficiency.
  • Pictures shown are just for illustration, actual products may be different than specified.
  • I would suggest you to kindly approach your nearest authorized dealer of respective bikes brands for accurate numbers, models and colours.
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