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Renault Captur test drive and review with Pros and cons

Renault captur test drive and complete detailed review along with the pros and cons. Renault has launched its all new captur in 2017, so lets check out will it be able to beat and lead the competition in such a huge segment.

As always I have covered everything including interior, exterior, engine & performance, seating, safety and don’t miss out my verdict on it.

I know that the reviews of some cars (In Fact all cars and bikes ) are coming lately on my channel, but there are many reasons for it. I am not a person who will do a walk around with a cellphone while showing you the fancy features of the car and telling a bit about it, I believe in providing a complete information and this is the reason my viewers keep waiting for my review.

May be my video is late but it usually contain bunch of informations that a serious buyer will always need to know.

Anyways, let me tell you what all I have covered in this video :-

Exterior of the renault captur

With the true french characteristics, From outside the car looks practically different from the duster which hints as a romanian looks and feel.

And its completely needless to mention that this car has done a decent job in terms of sales in the european markets.

Front of Renault Captur

An impressive wider looking front, containing a chrome studded front grills, right below the bumpers the satin finished front and rear skid plates which combines renault’s supremely dynamic innovative lighting system which is not just an identity but its also a segment first to offer a sparkle full LED which provides a solid lighting with a energy efficient technology. and to add a note over it, there is also a a c shaped sapphire LED DRL’s and a floating turn indicators which are usually being seen in the premium cars.

Now lets have a look at the Renault Captur side profile

215|60|R17 tyres with diamond cut alloy wheels, with a huge wheel arches and a chrome jewel body side claddings, additinally a massive 210 MM ground clearence which can take this mid size SUV on any surface you want it to be.

Steeping inside the interiors of Renault Captur

Same as the exterior, looks have given a completely different and unique experience which can be tempting as well as refreshing.

The car I had driven is the range topping model available for Indian market called Platine addition, and as soon as you enter the cabin, it seems like its inviting you with the lovely illuminating lightings available at many corners in the car.

the combinations of white and gold colour which looks great even in the day lights, the dashboard also give you the cockpit like experience. need less to mentioned that the butterfly or the sunglasses inspired first in class infinity instrument cluster, auto AC with surround illumination and intelligent ULC 3.0 System with the reverse parking camera will provide you all the looks and convenience you will ever want from a car as a driver (Or a Co-driver)

Space inside Renault Captur

The biggest benefit of the large 4329 MM Length is the space we are getting inside the cabin, the ergonomic seats along with the driver side height adjustable seat are the best in terms of the comfort point of view.

The seats are arranged in such a way that any seat will provide good visibility outside the cabin.

The disappointment I felt in terms of the materials used is the plastic quality provided here is way too hard, and it was totally not expected in this class of a car. Also there are lot of elements are taken from the other models like duster and kwid (Yes its true).

Storage options are not a big deal here in Renault Captur as there are lot of storage options like cooled glove box with illumination inside, smart storage in dashboard, and a cup holders in the rear seats are present.

Rear seats also take the best benefits of the Renault Captur’s being longest and widest in its class, as it offer optimum spaces in the rear seats without any discomfort. I am 5’9″ and I haven’t faced any congested situations in knee room, shoulder room, and head room. And I can say that 3 people like my stats can easily fit in the rear seats without any problem.

What I would suggest is if you are above 6 / 6.5 than you should definitely consider having a feel of the rear seats before finalizing the car.

more luggage? No problem.

  • Boot space of Renault Captur is quite spacious.

The stranded boot size is 392 LTR whereas 1352 LTRs can be extended by folding the rear seats.

How does the Renault Captur perform?

mainly there are two engines that powers this SUV.

1st is K9K 1.5 LTR Diesel throwing 110 PS Power and 240 NM Torque along with the H4K 1.5 LTR Petrol Engine that produces 106 PS Power and 142 NM of torque.

The car I had driven was the K9K 1.5 Ltr Diesel one, and I must say, in terms of NVH levels, renault has done a great job refining the existing engine. As I had driven the duster previously and I was kinda expecting the same Noise and vibrations out of the same DCI engine. But it truly defeated my expectations and this is good note.

Now it’s time to share some serious stuff called Safety features of Renault Captur


Now you know me well right? If its your first time here, let me tell you one secret, If I personally dont like any car because of any reasons, I just dont cover it. And safety is my most preferred criteria, If I find the car unsafe in terms of construction of in features, I completely leave it without video or articles. I keep it with me to compare it for you guys with some another car.

But renault captur has every safety feature that must have in a car of its sagment, It has ABS Brakes with Electronic brakeforce distribution and Brake assist. Additionally Dual airbags are standerd in all the varients, But notably the platine addition which I had driven, has features like curtain airbags, ESP, and hill start assist. and frankly these are just the features that must be present in any cars that wants to run on Indian roads. What do you say?

Company tested fuel efficiency of Renault Captur

The K9K 1.5 L Diesel engine makes it possible to provide 20.37 KMPL which is quite impressive in mid size SUV car. and the 1.5 H4K 1.5l Petrol engine is eligible to provide 13.87 KMPL.

I believe in providing the information which you usually do not find anywhere else, and that is the reason I do not mentioned the numbers like Dimensions and other factors which in fact easily any one could find from the official website and believe me, that is the great way to research the numbers of any cars.

My final Words on Renault Captur

Now, I will give you my impression about the car which I had during driving Renault Captur, and I would like to mentioned that I had also done some extreme test that I never suggest you guys to do, I have a responsibility to provide you the most accurate review to you guys.

The below mentioned are the points that I thought should be discussed with you.

  • The placements of the buttons near driver are great, but you need to get used to in order to use them regularly as they are placed differently than the other cars offers in the market.
  • The exterior view from the front seats is super wide, but as you will drive this car you will notice that the top and bottom is bit low and you will feel like the panoramic movie screen which has a black belts above and below the screen.
  • The first impression of any 1.5 L DCi engines are not that great as some bigger engines and the main reason behind this is the turbo leg one feel in the first, the same case is here in the Renault Captur but I have noticed that once the engine start giving its boost it seems like unstoppable till 4800+ RPMs and I think this is a good thing, whats your note on it?
  • The paddles down below feels more tight as I had a huge shoe on my feet, but its the regular shoe that I use to wear while driving any car, so I came to the conclusion that the space is too less to move your feet here and there in long distances drives..
  • Also want to mention that the refinements has really impressed me and the frequent and smoother power delivery of this car makes it a serious highway cruiser.
  • The spare wheel placement is another point I want you all to have a look at, it seems bit tough to atach and detach such a spare wheel to someone, and this might be the different point of views some one will like it and some one (Like me) will not like this idea.
  • There are many parts which you will also find in other renault cars like duster and kwid such as infotainment system which lacks Android Auto and Apple car play, also the plastic is bit hard to touch and seriously I expected the plastic quality to be nice in the car of its segment.

And finally My verdict on Renault Captur

The above points will give you highlights and all the pros and cons of the Renault Captur, And I am sure you will be able to take your own decesion of selecting the car.

I believe that if you need a most refreshed and more energetic variant of the duster with great refinements in engine and also in a bigger form factor that this is the car for you.

After reading such a long article, I believe that you are a serious buyer, let it  be of any car and any brand, or you could also be an auto enthusiast like me who loves to know more, and for that reason, I have added a comment section below so that if you have any questions back of your mind regarding Renault Captur of let it be anything about the automobile, I will be the most happiest person if I could ever help you with your queries.


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