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Best petrol cars under 6 Lakh in India

Today’s competitive car market has lot to offer to consumers. And usually the confusion starts here. That’s why in this article / video,  I have suggested list of best petrol cars under 6 lakh in India that you can buy  in 2018. And my main focus always remains the same and my regular viewer / readers know it very well. Its safety.

Now let’s begin with the car No. 5 : – Honda Brio SMT

best petrol cars brio

Even though Honda Brio is available in the market since long period of time, But its still can be called the practical choice for the one who needs a car for city driving purposes.

The Brio offers 1.2 Ltr i-vtec Petrol motor which produces 88 Ps of power and 109 NM of torque. All I can say about its engine is its the most amazing engine out there in the market in this price tag.

Now the reason behind its position no. 5 in the list of best Petrol cars under 6 Lakh in India is the pricing to features this car offers. The SMT variant is available in the on road pricing of around 5.65 Lakh to 5.75 Lakh on road delhi, if you want all the standard safety features like Airbags and ABS Brakes, you will need to pay appx. INR 78,000/- extra for Vx MT variant. which on my opinion is bit costlier.

Now I hope you might got the idea behind my suggestion of this car in this list, if no, its simple, Wait for some good deals months like December and festive seasons when you will get some good amount of discount and you can close the deal for Vx Mt around 6 Lakh.

Car No. 4 – KUV 100 NXT K4 Plus

KUV100 Nxt side profile

I have written complete and most detailed article about this wonderful car KUV 100 NXT and you can find it here. But I suggest you to give me some time and let me show you the remaining ones.

Anyways, INR 5.75 Lakh to 5.85 Lakh on road Delhi is a pricing that you are thinking about to spend behind a car, than this car can surely give you a different, Unique and more over SUV like feel even with the fact of this car being so small.

Yes, you know it, right? Its a small SUV in a compact or lets say micro size, or in a size of a hatch back, But I must say that the features this car offers is totally different than its rivals, Just have a look at KUV 100 and you will know why I am telling you this.

This car has everything that one need from a car. But still as I said, there is a huge competition out there in our market, and I would say that if we will look elsewhere there are number of cars that has even more to offer.  And that is the reason that KUV 100 is in my No.4 position in the list of best Petrol cars under 6 Lakh in India.

Car No. 3 – Baleno Sigma 1.2

best petrol cars baleno

Did I mentioned its brand name Maruti suzuki? Well no, its not even required. And I know it that you might be thinking that why Baleno is on No. 3.

Let me explain.

Baleno Petrol is running with amazing motor ie. 1.2 Ltr. VVT which even after producing 83 BHP of power and 115 NM torque company claimed fuel efficiency of this car is whooping 21.40 KMPL and also noticeable thing is this car has all the standard safety features in its base model itself. isn’t its the most desirable thing from a car of this size.

On a side note, Every car which has been selected in the list of best Petrol cars under 6 Lakh in India, are more or less equivalent in terms of practical fuel efficiency.

Let’s get back to the point,

We were discussing about baleno’s position no. 3 here. Well have you noticed that I had provided even the variant names with the car names? if not, consider checking the whole list.

Baleno Sigma is the base model which comes to Appx. INR 5.80 Lakh to 5.85 Lakh On road delhi. And I know that this can be the best option that you can buy under 6 Lakh. But Did you know that after buying Baleno sigma, how much it will cost you to add some additional accessories? Yes, it can go beyond the budget and preferabally the higher varient is suggested by me. Hence its on No. 3. And it has to be here, after all its a maruti suzuki.

Interestingly, I have a tie for Number 2 & 1. (Actually both are no. 1)

Maruti Suzuki Ignis Delta & Tata Tiago XZA – AMT

Both the cars are the top of the list here and both cars has so much to offer for its pricing. and in fact, Both are the biggest rivals (I can say).

First let’s talk about the tiago First, (I like it more)

best petrol cars tiago

Its tough, Its stylish, Its Modern, Its ( I can keep on writing ) but practically its the only car from my list of favourite and surprisingly smart petrol hatchbacks under INR 6 Lakh which has 1.2 Ltr 3 CYL petrol motor that climbs till 85 PS of power and 114 NM of torque.

Wait. please..!

Its not over yet, I had mentioned XZA AMT, Yes now you took it right. along with ABS, Airbags & Cornering stability Control, this is the only option out of the list of best Petrol cars under 6 Lakh in India  to offer AMT ( Automated Manual Transmission) which is a blessing from engineers to drive conveniently and comfortably in the (Non-Sense) City Traffic.

Now lets talk Ignis Delta.

best petrol cars ignis

In each and every aspects, this baby can beat any of the car from the list, but the biggest problem here is its compact design (Not with me) with Indian buyers. And everyone know that what is the importance of size in car especially in India.

That is the reason that in fact of having all the features, nice engine, superb ride and handling and most importantly, Trust of Maruti Suzuki, this car is somewhere lacking to lead the list of top selling cars.

So what?  Am I still confused, is this your question to yourself? than this is my answer.

Each and every car mentioned above are best, but I know it very well that you are reading this article to select only one.

That’s why, I had given you total 5 Options to go with, but certainly every car has its own speciality, and to find your ideal car, you need to watch my car buying guide videos in order to get yourself the best options.

Now, after watching the videos, you must have came to a conclusion.

Finally here comes my suggestion, If you are reading till this point, I am pretty sure that you got the basics of selecting the car.

And the moment comes. Grab your keys (Of existing car) or book a cab, and visit all the respective showrooms with your family and take a test-drive of each cars and get the best offers on it.

So you’ve got one right? Let me know in the comment section which one you got for yourself. Let it be from this list or not. I will wait for your comments.

Hint : Even if you are a key decision maker in your family, Its highly advisable to take them along with you. I believe that this is a situation where the math of  1 + 1 = 2 proves wrong. It becomes 1 + 1 = 11 as it’s said that 2 is always better than one when you are going to take a big decision about the best Petrol cars under 6 Lakh in India.

See you in my next post.

*Disclaimer : The models and pricing mentioned in this article may be different than specified. I suggest you to visit the nearest respective authorized dealerships. And know everything about each cars mentioned above in the list of best Petrol cars under 6 Lakh in India.

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