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Most Detailed article for New Swift 2018

As Maruti Suzuki India has started the booking for New Swift 2018, Here is the Video / Article which will provide you all the information that you need to know before you book the all new swift 2018.

And I already know that you are excited to know everything about this baby.

So let’s start the information flow.

Design of New Swift 2018 :

And first and foremost we will start with its design because this is the major difference that has been made in this 3rd generation swift.

Starting from Front, And I must say let it be identical with the Dzire, The combination of the all new Front grill and headlights with led DRLs are looking quite more sportier now. Additionally, the colour contrasts where the body lines and the front grill and lower air vents touches each other.

Not only the front but also the side profile is eye-catching at the same time.  The Pillars between sloping roof lines and the sharp shoulder lines shows that its a swift’s 3rd generation by giving the car the same identity along with providing the fresh new looks.

The precession cut alloys are also something that has to offer an attraction with its interesting new design.

Notice the rear door handles are now disappeared from the body and adjusted themselves as a small material in the C-pillar reminds us of Chevy’s baby.

Engines New Swift 2018 :

Looks and designs has lot offer but they are nothing without performance, and interestingly there is no change in the heart of the car ie. engines remains the same.  And I believe there was no need to improve an engines which were already a master piece. isn’t it?

Here comes the concerns which attracted to me. yes you guessed it right, the all new swift 2018 is completely new in terms of safety features.

Safety features :

Starting with the heartect platform that is available in other recent launches of Maruti Suzuki India cars, but again this platform is proven with more rigidity and stiffness, so resulting the car which has more agile handling and stability, Well Honestly, I am not the lucky guy whom the company has invited to review the car so I cant give you the correct and accurate overview without driving the car.

But the all new swift 2018 is not that new practically and you can understand why, Right?

Well let’s get inside of the car, Here is a big deal, Everything is new here again. I know I know, its not new to the market where maruti has already offered almost the same kind of interior and equipments in their other models like beleno and dzire.

But for Swift’s 2nd Gen it’s the huge update. This car has lot to offer to the demanding youths of our country, about which we will discuss later on.

Ok now Enough of Bla Bla.

Straight to the point. (Numbers)

Dimensions of the all new swift 2018 :

Dimensions of New Swift 2018 Suspension New Swift 2018 New Swift 2018 Specs

So You got the Dimensions,

Now Here are the Engine Specifications of New Swift 2018,

New Swift 2018 petrol engine

Diesel Engine of New Swift 2018

new swift 2018 Diesel Engine

And finally,

Here Comes the features of all the variants of new swift 2018

new swift 2018 lxi / ldi features

new swift 2018 lxi features

new swift 2018 vxi / vdi features

new swift 2018 vxi vdi features

new swift 2018 zxi  zdi features

new swift 2018 zxi zdi features

new swift 2018 zxi+ & zdi+ features

new swift 2018 zxi plus zdi plus features

Now Lets talk about Colour options of new swift 2018,

Maruti Suzuki new swift comes with 6 colour options mentioned below :

  • Prime Lucent Orange
  • Magma Gray
  • Midnight Blue
  • Solid fire red
  • Metallic Silky Silver
  • Pearl Arctic white

I am sure you got all the informations required to know before making your plan to purchase the car.

Yes this is not a review, this is an information article because the pre bookings for new swift 2018 has been started already.

An I was getting many queries about this beautiful car.

Just for your convenience, Here is the link of official maruti suzuki website where you can pre book the car. But yes let me also know what do you think about the car.

As always all your questions are highly important to me. So ask anything you want below in the comment section.



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