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EBD + BA – Braking Features

Electronic Brakeforce Distribution and brake assist ie. ebd and ba, Now you know it.

I keep doing constant efforts for you to explain you each and everything in detail but in a simple way.

Safety 101 is the series where you will learn everything about vehicle safety in a same way mentioned above.

Here is the 2nd part as mentioned in the video, I think you will need to read this one before watching EBD and BA features.

Here is the 3rd part of the video which is the best in terms of explanation in a simple manner.

You will find many videos here in youtube about the same, but believe me, every time when you see my videos, you will learn something different and helpful.

Frankly speaking, that’s my goal.

I have explained everything you need to know about EBD and EBA/BA, ie. Electronic Brakeforce Distribution and Brake assist.

I know that you will never need to get into repairing such stuff, so I haven’t gone so deep into technical ( wich I can do if you ever want) and hence I have just covered the content to make you realised about the need and requirement of these features.

That’s why you will find it useful when you will be in a situation where you need to decide that you need the feature in your new car or not.

So now whats next ? Well, there are lot of interesting things that is on its way and will infotain you.

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