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Finally, Here is the review of the all new ciaz 2018.

And as always I have covered every details you need to know about the ciaz 2018 including the Exterior, Interior, Engine and specifications, Variants, Features and equipment and verdict.

First of all, As I said in my previous video and articles I was highly interested in driving only the new petrol variant of the new ciaz 2018.

New Ciaz 2018 Engine specifications and Variants explained.

That’s why, I have driven and reviewed the Ciaz Alpha AT.
Ie. Petrol Top spec trim.

Alright so let’s start with the Looks and style of Exterior of the new ciaz 2018.

Ciaz 2018 Front
New Ciaz 2018 Front

On the front the new grill with black finish points looks stunning. it connects both the headlights assembly.

Also The combination of Body color, black and the chrome insertions looks amazing.

Yes there is some amount of chrome used in the front, side and also at the rear. But the quantity is not too much, so the overall design has maintained its decency.

On the sides, only the new alloy wheel design will grab your attention, as nothing else has been changed.

Ciaz 2018 side
New Ciaz 2018 Side profile

But the rear has been significantly redesigned to make it more bold and stunning.

Ciaz 2018 rear
New Ciaz 2018 Rear

The boot lid has a slanted shape and the rear fog lamps and lower bumper gets the chrome surroundings too.   

Finally, All these changes ends up Completing the exterior with modern, sporty and contemporary style.

Ciaz 2018 Engine Specifications & Dimensions 

We have already covered all the engine specifications and variants in this article, and if you want a video on it, here it is. But I strongly recommend reading the article so that you will get a clear idea.

furthermore, I would like to explain a bit about the new SHVS that has been used in the new petrol engine for the first time.

And there is no need to say that its not only first time used by Maruti Suzuki but its the first in class and first in segment feature.

Technology of New Ciaz 2018

This technology has 2 batteries one is lead acid as we found in the diesel one along with the Lithium ion which helps in supplying the power to all the electrical equipment like headlights etc. when the car is idle.

Ciaz 2018 battery
New Ciaz 2018 Battery under Seat.

Ok, so let’s get into the interior of the all new ciaz 2018 shvs.

New Ciaz 2018 Interior

The first thing you will notice as soon as you enter the car is its space and comfort.

I must say that the space is amazing. I have seated on the front and rear seats and I haven’t found any issues related to space.

Ciaz 2018 dashboard
Ciaz Dashboard

Also, There is sufficient Leg, Knee, Shoulder and Headroom for all the passengers and driver.

Ciaz 2018 Rear Seat
New Ciaz 2018 Rear Seat

Yes, I want you to take a note that if your height is equal of more than 6′ you need to seat on the rear seat and check your head room, as I am 5’9″ and there was so less space left over my head.

The space inside is a result of the biggest wheelbase of the segment. Yes Ciaz is the longest wheelbase badge holder currently in its segment.

Alright now lets talk about the centre console and meter console.

New Ciaz 2018 MID

Meter console: Fuel Consumption, Energy flow, Trip Details, driving range, gear shift indicator and more.

Ciaz 2018 Meter Console and MID
Ciaz 2018 MID

Fuel Consumption : It calculates the fuel efficiency and total fuel consumed during particular trips etc.

Energy flow : It displays the power and torque used in by the engine currently in real-time.

Trip details : Trip details includes everything that you need to know about the current trip you are on.

Gear shift Indicator: well I know that you already know about this feature. Right?

Additionally, when you take a test drive of the all new Ciaz 2018, Just spend some time playing with this awesome piece of information and you will be amazed with its contents.

Before talking about the centre console, I am impressed with the incretions placed inside on the dashboard and doors.

Ciaz 2018 Dashboard

Ciaz 2018 Center Console
New Ciaz 2018 Center console

It contains light wood grains and brushed silver elements.

Ciaz 2018 Center Console

Now comes the Music system and needless to say that its the same smart play infotainment that we have seen in the other cars of the brand.

Just below that there is the Climate controlled AUTO AC.

There is a small compartment below the AC controls, here you can place your small belongings like wallets and cell phone.

Also the same box contains the USB charger and other features.

Ciaz 2018 Storage box with functionalities

New Ciaz 2018 Storage box with useful functionalities.

The Gear lever is nice and clean in looks wrapped with good material.

Ciaz 2018 gear

New Ciaz 2018 Gear lever

Certainly, The main thing which is concerned here is you are not getting any manual modes to shift to. Although you are getting 2 & L modes which serves the purpose.

Again, Center armrest are available both at front and rear where in front you will get a storage and at the rear you’ll get cup holders, which I personally think very few users uses..

Anyways,  after looks and style its finally the time to talk about the performance.

New Ciaz 2018 Performance

As I said I have driven the Petrol Ciaz which comes with the 1462CC Petrol motor which delivers 105HP Power and 138 NM of torque.

In spite of the car is equipped with the bigger engine than its previous model, the first thing you will notice as soon as you press the accelerator paddle is its refinement and smoothness is way better than ever before.

Initially around 1800 RPM you’ll start getting the power and it goes upto around 3500 RPM where you will find that the power delivery is gradually decreasing, but still around 6000RPM it can pull you where it meets its redline.     

Ciaz 2018 running on highway
New ciaz 2018 on highway

While, These are numbers but let me tell you practically.

the low and mid range is very good but it lacks somewhere near high range. But it obviously is the best car to drive in the city as well as on the highways.

Above All, I need to say that I have driven the car around 120-130 KMPH and there was no signs of struggles till that point. And who want to cross the limits? It’s more than enough for this segment.

Still, I was driving the Automatic car, I am a fan of Manual ones and thats the same I will suggest you for CIAZ.

You know? You have full control and the ability to convert the drive in fun.

Ciaz 2018 Ride Quality

Talking about the suspension, its firm but at the same time it also handles the common hurdles of our Roads.

Not only that I have also driven this car on the urban roads with so many rough portions and once I have lost my confidence but I had given it a try and let the car pass those hurdles and to my surprise it was more than successfully passed every bit of them.

Ciaz 2018 running on Rough Roads
New Ciaz 2018 on Rough Roads

Ciaz 2018 Handling 

After all, Sedans are good handlers and its the same case for Ciaz too. No point of confusion here.

I have taken sharp turns, I have taken a U-turns at high speeds, I have steered while braking and checked all the points that I usually see in sedans.

It simply passed my incredible Test.

Conclusion : All new Ciaz 2018.

Finally, Ciaz is a good car. Maruti Suzuki has made this car with lot of experience.

They failed in Old Baleno, they failed in SX4 but Ciaz was a big hit.

Even after being already a hit car, there were some lacking in front of current competition like City and Verna.

But now, there aren’t any. Yes, Its true.

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