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The most awaited BMW 5 Series 2017.

BMW 5 Series 2017 front grill

BMW calls bmw 5 series 2017, “Business Athlete”. and there are many great reasons for it. I will tell you all of them.

As always I will start in my own way to explain bmw 5 series 2017 in detail. Not in the so common way where you will have many tables where several numbers written within it.

So first we will see the exterior, Design & Engineering used in BMW 5 Series 2017.

Audi, Jaguar, Volvo and Especially Mercedes Benz, are the major players in the tight competition which is more than sufficient to let the luxury car buyers to change their decision or fall in a huge dilemma.

So this is the time when BMW needs to be more in each manner, Be it luxury, performance, space, comfort, well featured, and appealing to the smart class of the luxury car buyers.

and here is the biggest change in bmw 5 series 2017 where the G-30 5 Series completely different in all ways than the previous model F-10(Trust me F10 was great too).

BMW 5 Series 2017 front corner

The variant that I have driven and reviewed is the top-of-the-line bmw 5 series 2017 530d M Sport. The best thing with the premium car companies is they use to keep the theme and design concept identical in all their cars and here also they did the same thing.


Starting from front of BMW 5 Series 2017 :-

Yes that is the same case with me, I can completely relate to this, I know that reading about the BMW and starting from front gave you the clear imagination of the signature kidney grill, as the same thing knocks my mind when I even think about BMW.

with hi-gloss black finish bmw 5 series 2017 not only looks excellent but the function is obviously supremely techy, yes, now the front grill is Active stream kidney grill that opens and closes its air vents when ever required to keep the engine chamber and engine itself cooler than ever, isn’t it the best way to work with aerodynamics, well Ill talk about it in detail after few more pera’s so stay tuned for that.

Additionally it combines with the great adaptive led headlamps with DRL’s and M package front bumpers that blow away the sportiness along with the typical BMW style statement from viewing bmw 5 series 2017 from front itself.

Can you believe ?

The newly designed kidney grill and the air curtains on the front wheel walls has helped to lower the Drag coefficient from 10% to 0.22%. And this also helped to lower the fuel consumption by 18% in 520d and 27% in 530d. This is what I call an engineering and correct implementation of aerodynamics in bmw 5 series 2017.

Yes you observed it right,

I have seen and tested the top-of-the-line bmw 5 series 2017 530d M Sport to provide you all details about the creative stuff that has been added to this intelligent beauty.

Ok now let’s see it the side of BMW 5 Series 2017

BMW 5 Series 2017 front sidehere comes the engineering that has given bmw 5 series 2017 a distinct look and design parameters from sides.

The sharp linings starting from the hood to boot, the roof that stretched and leaned a bit towards boot that not only gives the stretched out look but it also help in aerodynamics and more interior space for the chauffeur driven class of customers who enjoys the ride from the rear seat in bmw 5 series 2017.

BMW 5 Series 2017 roofline

And finally the back of the BMW 5 Series 2017
As always the premium brands always try to keep its designs identical from all angles in all their cars and models, and that is also the same story with all 3 sides (Front , Sides, Rear) of the bmw 5 series 2017.

BMW 5 Series 2017 rear sideThe tail lights along with the headlamps are more heavier not in weight but in sizes, yes it looks pretty impressive, the brake lights and the indicators are more attention grabbing ( which is highly required in a car like bmw 5 series 2017).

BMW 5 Series 2017 Engine BMW 5 Series 2017 Engine placementThe difference between the G-11 modular platform of 7 series and new bmw 5 series 2017 platform is only the “Carbon Core” ie. the important parts of the 7 series platform is built with the carbon fiber and in 5 series is made with the high strength aluminium that also helped the new 5 series to reduce its weight by upto 70 KG than some variants of the older F10.

BMW is great when it comes to placement of the engines in the engine’s bay, yes it has been placed very far and longitudinally by providing the best possible space and protection in bmw 5 series 2017.

as far as suspension setup is concerned, you can rely on the technology that has been used in bmw 5 series 2017, as in front is equipped with the double wishbone and the rear is ready to absorb jerks with its 5 link suspension setup.

Moreover now the dynamic dampers are standard across all the variants of BMW 5 Series 2017.

Next we will have a look on the interior part..

As we have seen, everything out is extremely outstanding, the same is the case inside.

So let’s see the Interior of BMW 5 Series 2017

BMW 5 Series 2017 steering

The dashboard is the first thing to be noticed when we step inside any car, but here the sin is different, I literally confused where should I start from, the decent driver’s side slanted centre console, the amazing MID behind the tech loaded steering wheel, the portion where the gears and the cockpit styled buttons are placed or the view we are getting outside the car from the front windshield, it was obviously the hard choice for me.. additionally the ambient lightings along with the wood / gray insertions etc. had left me with an imagination of richness and royalness that the owner would get by owning one of its kind.

BMW 5 Series 2017 front seat

Seats are the most comfortable part of interior. hence the reason the napa and dakota leather materials have been used depending on the variant, the fine stitching, the bucket style, the soft spongy material will leave you speechless for at least a moment once you seat on it, let it be a front or the rear seat. experience it to believe that the hofmeister kink signature design will make you fall in love with it.

BMW 5 Series 2017 rear space

4 zone climate controlled air conditioner will take care to provide you the desired temperature on your own side, doesn’t matter what temperature remaining sides has.

The visibility from inside the cabin to outside the cabin from all sides is the best as I mentioned earlier, because of the stretched rooflines and huge windshields. On addition to it don’t stop you to look at the stars at night as there is a large electric sunroof available to make it possible for you to make more wishes for buying 7 series while seeing the falling star from the sunroof..( so filmy.. that’s the difference between the data sites and blogs).

Boot space of BMW 5 Series 2017. 

So including the spare wheel and tool kit , (Yes Now it comes with including the spare wheel and tool kit) it has 400 LTRs or boot space to take all your luggage with you without any hassles as the space is flat surfaced.

The boot also offers a convenient feature called comfort access to allow you to open all the doors including boot without pressing a key (I know its common nowadays but I have to mention as its here).

Next is Engine and performance

Engine technology and performance of BMW 5 Series 2017.

Total 3 Engine options are available with BMW 5 Series 2017

BMW 5 Series 2017 Engine placement


BMW 520d – B47 – 1995 CC
‒ BMW TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder diesel engine
with 190 hp (140 kW) and 400 Nm of torque
‒ Acceleration 0 – 100 km/h: 7.5 seconds
‒ Top speed: 235 km/h
‒ Fuel Economy: 22.48 km/l
‒ CO2 emissions: 117.34 g/km

BMW 530d – B57 – 2993 CC
‒ BMW TwinPower Turbo six-cylinder diesel engine
with 265 hp (195 kW) and 620Nm of torque
‒ Acceleration 0 – 100 km/h: 5.7 seconds
‒ Top speed: 250 km/h
‒ Fuel Economy: 18.59 km/l
‒ CO2 emissions: 141.62 g/km

BMW 530i – 1995 CC
‒ BMW TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder petrol engine
with 252 hp (185 kW) and 350Nm of torque
‒ Acceleration 0 – 100 km/h: 6.2 seconds
‒ Top speed: 250 km/h
‒ Fuel Economy: 15.56 km/l
‒ CO2 emissions: 152.93 g/km

I know I know, All these figures are compny tested, But believe me guys, this car is made for “sheer pleasure” with “efficient dynamics” to meet all your expectations from such a great product by BMW.

Hit the paddle and feel the power thrusted by the engine to the rear wheels of the car with the help of the ZF 8 Speed automatic transmission.

within few seconds you will feel like you are driving a race car, but soon some speed breaker or pot hole will remind you the you are on Indian roads…

Now let’s talk something serious called Fuel Efficiency.

As I have mentioned above for all the engines, have yo noticed the performance and the fuel efficiency ? I think yes, but I can assure you that you might be thinking that who will think about the milage for a car which is costing around 50-60 Lakhs.. but this is not true my friends, Now in such a huge competitive world, each and every parameters will speak louder and try proving better than the competition..

Only performance or only efficiency will not work in this scenario, it will have to be jack of all and master of all..

Now as I had mentioned in the video, that I will give an explanation about the features in my website, so here it is..

there are many features but the below mentioned are the features that I thought you might be interested in knowing about.

Adaptive dampers :- adaptive suspensions vary shock absorber firmness to match changing road or dynamic conditions, this will help the passengers seating in car can only focus on the comfort of the car.

Adaptive LED Headlamps :- Once you reach the minimum speed of 35 KMPH, the headlights becomes active and it will respond the turning of the steering wheels or when the turn signals are on, this feature will help you to steer your car with a confidence even in totally dark areas and increase your confidence..

Gesture Control : this feature will allow you to operate many functions by just swiping or pointing.

Surround view and parking assistance :- Now its very easy and fun to park you car with the help of this feature, as it will create a virtual 3d model of the car and surroundings with the help of the cameras attached in all sides of the car so that you can park your car with all that confidence required.

Heads up Display :- It reminds me about NFS, when I use to play a video game in my PC, I use to think that if we can get all the required details even in our real car’s front windshield than it would be so great, and after watching the world is not enough.. I found that it will be soon in front me ( not in my car ).  800 X 400 pixels data provider screen will be there right in front of you with all the details required for a driver.

BMW Display key : – Remote Control Parking , Car pre-heat/cool, and many more features are controlled by this piece of art.

Adaptive driving mode : there are various modes available like sports, eco, comfort and the adaptive mode is the best of all as it adopts the driving habits and behaviour of the driver and responds accordingly.

Harmon Kardon Surround sound system :- 16 loudspeakers including 2 chrome surround and 1 centre speaker will never let you think about anything else when it comes to listening a pure form of music in a best possible way.

wireless charging :- no need of usb chargers or cables there is a dack near gear leaver where you can place your phone after connecting it to the car’s system and rest leave it on the system, your phone will be on charging till you reach your destination, but needless to say that your phone must be supporting the wireless charging functionality.

Additionally if you have any questions, do let me know, I will surely answer all of them..

How big and what size.?

Lets discover the dimensions of BMW 5 Series 2017

Height :- 1466 MM

Overall widh :- 2126 MM

Front track : 1605 mm

Rear Track :- 1630 MM

Overall length :- 4936 MM

Wheelbase :- 2975 MM


customise your car with exterior and interior paints and colours combinations..

Exterior colour options of BMW 5 Series 2017
  • Cashmare silver in Sport line and lusury line,
  • imperial blue in sport line and luxury line,
  • jatoba in luxury line
  • mediterranean blue in M sport
  • Black saphire in Sport line and luxury line,
  • Alpine white in All three variants
  • Blue stone metallic in luxury line and M sport
  • Carbon Black in M sport

Interior colour options of BMW 5 Series 2017

There are various options like nappa leather and dakota leather with different stitching patterns are available to match your taste and choice, and for this different combinations I would suggest you to kindly visit the nearest dealership.

The most important and unavoidable part of this article.

Safety features of BMW 5 Series 2017.
  • Active front seat headrests
  • Airbags:
    – Airbags for driver and front passenger
    – Side airbags for driver and front passenger
    – Head airbags front and rear
  • Airbag, passenger side, deactivatable via key
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Brake Assist and Dynamic Braking lights
  • Active Park Distance Control, rear
  • Attentiveness Assistant
  • BMW Condition Based Service (Intelligent maintenance system)
  • Cornering Brake Control (CBC)
  • Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) including Dynamic Traction Control (DTC)
  • Electric parking brake with auto hold function
  • Electronic vehicle immobiliser
  • ISOFIX child seat mounting
  • Runflat indicator
  • Runflat tyres with reinforced side walls
  • Crash sensor
  • Side-impact protection
  • Rear doors with mechanical childproof lock
  • Three-point seat belts for all seats, including pyrotechnic belt tensioners
    in the front and belt force limiters in the front and outer rear seats
    Warning triangle with first-aid kit
  • Fully integrated emergency spare wheel
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