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In-Depth Explanation video for Airbag, Seat belt, Head Restraint

In this video you will learn in-depth about Airbag, Seat belt, Head Restraint.
Another safety dose..! Yes I have decided to educate the people of my country about road and vehicle safety.

So just have a look and get back to me through comment section if you have any questions/ Queries about these features..

So lets get into it..

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As I had mentioned above, I had given the in-depth explanation along with the narrations wherever needed so all my viewers can easily understand the basics about airbags.

I have covered the topic taking the science out of it to make each and every concept clear.
Airbags are the 1st thing that comes in our mind when we think about the safety features in a car, but as we know that its is the (SRS) Airbags, ie. Supplemental restrain system, It can not work alone to save lives,

Now comes the role of the seat belts which supplements the airbags when required. Seatbelt is the most preffered way of being safe while in a car or any moving vehicle. as its joint with the toughest part of the body of a vehicle, and so it will be there to take care of the inertia that implies to the objects in the moving object, ie. drivers / passengers in a car/vehicles.

But everything has some problems to some extents, so as seatbelts and airbags, seat belts along or airbags alone are more than sufficient to harm humen body, so that is the reason that everything has the connections and reletivity.

Additionally I have also discussed all ABOUT pretensioner and load limiters which again supplements the seatbelts to save lives..

and now the whole body has become safe, but what about the neck and head if the cat got an impact from rear? Answer is simple..! Its head restrain..

So take a cup of cofee and watch the video along with your familly to get the complete knowledge and educate yourself and your familly about the safety.

More interesting and advanced features are on its way guys.. stay tuned for that.

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