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Meaning and differences of Active and passive safety features

In this series of articles and video you will also know other important safety features along with Active and passive safety features.

what features are considered in which category and why.

What is active safety and what does it include?

The meaning of Active safety is that the features are always active to protect the car from being impacted. Hence they are called Active safety features.

The active safety system includes host of different safety features like anti lock braking with electronic brakeforce distribution and brake assist ets, along with it it also include blind spot monitoring system and other driver awareness features and if you need more details you can watch the video as all the features mentioned in the video.

What is passive safety and what does it include? ..

“Passive” , the name describes its functionality, these features starts its functions after an impact to help minimize the chance of injuries or death.

Passive safety features literally try the best of their capacity to save lives of the passengers and driver seating inside the cabin of the car.

And Passive safety features are also called crash worthy features.

The passive safety features usually include the after impact features like seat belts with pretensioners and load limiters and also the airbags falls in this particular category.

If you want to understand each and every safety features which are highly important to know about, simply click here.

As per my commitment,

Here is the 1st part from series of videos that will only contain the safety features of cars and bikes, by making this series,

My purpose is very clear, I want my viewers to completely understand the importance of Safety in their vehicles.

When ever I here from someone, that the salesman of a car dealership told me that “Sir you dont need ABS, its of no use… ”

I just cant control myself that why should someone do that with people’s safety?

and I have really heard this from someone and instantly finalized that no I won’t let this happen to anyone any more (at least with my viewers)

So hold your seats and stay tuned for more such informative content.


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