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About Jay Dave

Founder - Incredible Autoz
Jay Dave

Jay Dave

Founder - Incredible Autoz

 Yo, I’m Jay!

And I help people know everything about cars & bikes.

 Yes! Whether it’s about buying your dream car or bike without pinching your budget or going about sale & maintenance, I’m here to tell you EVERYTHING that you’ve always wanted to know.

 That one FOCAL question of yours which I’m trying to answer through my videos, posts & Live sessions is, “How do I get the BEST out of the car/bike that I have purchased or am yet to buy?”

Launched in 2016 as a community for automobile enthusiasts, our YouTube channel Incredible Autoz now is a growing crowd of people who not only hop along to get their automobile-related queries solved, but get prolifically educated about all the information that every layman needs to have about vehicles. THESE, that the showroom dealers will NEVER tell you. 🙂

 Well, I was one myself! 😀

And my entire knowledge about automobiles springs right from my childhood to my car dealer job that I eventually quit to pursue my passion to talk to awesome car & bike enthusiasts like YOU.

As a kid, my wonderment about cars & motorcycles always pried my father. And then there was a day when he took me to the airport’s control room with his references. I was also lucky enough to have experienced my ‘goosebumps’ moment on the pilot’s seat in the cockpit of a real jetliner (on standby, of course! 🙂 )

Also I regard this one man to whom I quite owe my extensive knowledge about automobiles. The owner of a local garage which very much became my lab while I was pursuing my graduation. When not studying, I spent all my time deciphering the working of various engines & mechanical equipment. And eventually, as they say, when passion met purpose, I landed my first job as a trainee consultant in car dealership; where only incentives per sale were my bread & butter. Well, trust me, buddy, it was goddamn hard to make even that one car sale back in the day!

So, there I soared high with incentives & promotions which came along with enormous appreciation from our customers & clients. These, were my Rock of Gibraltar that honed my passion further to finally get talking to YOU, my friend through a world that I created for all of us automobile enthusiasts & laymen, alike – My YouTube channel, Our INCREDIBLE AUTOZ. And of course, here’s what makes me feel honored over these backing words THE blogging biggie of India, Harsh Agrawal had to share about me long ago when I started vlogging on YouTube. 🙂


 Lets’s do this! 

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