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My Top 5 tips for buying used car in India

As far as I know, there are people gets confused in buying used car in India, but due to some hesitation they often end up in cancel the planning because of lack of knowledge and trust on the dealers. and somehow they are correct.

So As always each and every details has been covered so that my viewer / reader will always get the best deal for their purchase.

You should be knowing everything about the car, whether the seller mentioned to you or not.

So here we go,

used-car-checklistI suggest you to kindly take a pen and paper and start making notes of each points mentioned below:




Tip No. 1:- Paperwork to be safe,


This is the place where a buyer make mistakes because of lack of knowledge or the urgency or the excitement to buy and make the purchase.

Under paperwork the below mentioned are the most important points to be consider at the very initial stage of the deal.:-


a) Checking the RC (Registration certificate issued by the regional transport office)
  • Month and year of manufacturing the car should be accurate
  • Engine number should be the same in each papers
  • Same case with chassis number (VIN) should be the same in each document
  • Number of owners should also be the same as mentioned by the seller
  • If the car belongs to different jurisdiction than the one you are registering, than the respective RTO’s NOC is a must have doc.

If any of the documents mentioned above has a mismatch in any case, used car documents mismatch


b) verify Insurance papers thoroughly,
used car insurance
  • Validity of the insurance is first thing that should be checked first.
  • If the vehicle has been modified with additional fuel system or if its purchased on a loan, so in both or any such cases mentioned above, there is a need of hypothecation otherwise there could be problems while claiming for the vehicle
c) All related bills and service book with maintenance records,
used car service book
  • Now don’t neglect to the documents like original invoice of the car, the service book, and all the maintenance records by far the seller has till date will be added benefit when you will need them to show while placing the car for warranty solutions.
  • Bonus Tip : If the car has been serviced and maintained by authorized brand outlet, you can ask that brand outlet for the maintenance history. Yes it will cost you a bit but it can also save you on the same time..
d) NOC (No objection Certificate) from bank or Finance Co. used car NOC
  • if the car has been purchased on Finance, NOC (No objection Certificate) is highly required which has been issued by the bank or finance company.
  • Also if the seller has repaid the complete loan, you can also ask for the SOA (Statement of Account) its bit optional but its kind of important too.
e) PUC and Bi-fuel certificate
  • Bi-fuel Certificate is a must have if your car has CNG / LPG and the vendor from whom you had attached the kit, can provide this certificate.
  • Keep the Fresh PUC available, if the seller has older one, you can ask for the fresh one as it cost some penny but PUC can give you the correct idea about emission of the vehicle.
Tip No. 2 – How to check Used car Exterior

used Car Exterior

Now again while buying used car, people generally feel that after searching for some dents and scratches they had seen the exterior, but no, Here is the list of things that has to be taken care of..

a) Used car Paint work :

used car paint work

  • Find bubbles or small rusted places in corners around the whole car, If nothing like that could be found, there are chances of repaint job has been done.
  • So, find if any shade difference available in the exterior part, as its kind of difficult to match the company paint job although its not impossible even.
  • Also check the roof of the used car and even the underbody, as no one takes care of these parts.

Bonus tip : if you find any shade difference, just place a mild power covered fridge magnet on that part, if it doesn’t stick, there is a filler inside that part.. and minor to major body work has been done in that case.

Tip No. 3 :- Engine bay – Under the hood,


Till this point you might be wondering that Hey, I am not buying a jet, man. So many things to check while buying used car in india, I will keep my mechanic with me while buying used car.

It really dont work, think about it, If a doctor writes a prescription and you bought a medicine from medical store, even than, doctor earns a commision, well I can write a complete article on this, but I hope you got my point.

Back to the point,

Here comes the thing that you believe that you don’t know anything about, but frankly speaking, you even don’t need to know it in details.

Follow the below steps and you can be on a safer side.

BMW 5 Series 2017 Engine placementa) Take out the deep stick, and check the condition of the engine oil available. it shouldn’t be grayish or faded or whiter in the colour.

b) Check the belts and the fans are completely functional and has got proper fixture nothing should look abnormal.

c) Coolant should be brighter and clear, any substances of oil will be the proof of some problems in the engine.

Tip No. 4 :- Interior,

Now here is the part of a car which we usually excited about getting into as soon as possible when buying used car in india, and that is the reason I had mentioned earlier about all the things which should be checked first.

In the interior part of the car, you need to check the Following while buying used car in india :

BMW 5 Series 2017 rear space

  • upholstery, I suggest you to check all the seats below the seat covers too, as I am sure that you might not like the idea of repairing the form in the seats after buying a used car, am I right?
  • carpet, here is the part which can give you the idea of minor rusting inside the floor of the car, if you found it somewhere there are chances for it being somewhere else too.
  • all the equipments like music system, lightings, mirrors etc should be in mint condition and functional.
  • All levers which can be operated and must be functional.
Tip No. 5 :- Test drive,

Well this is the thing I can make a complete video on (if you want me to, please comment below with #askjaydee).

But still In the video I had given some instructions like what to do and how to do while buying used car in india as mentioned below :


  • Wait, Don’t just close the door, start the engine and notice the sound from bonnet after opening it. also notice if any black smoke coming out of the exhaust, as both the cases indicate some problems you need to check first.

used car road

  • A Short test drive is no sufficient, you need to take a longer one if possible. I also suggest you to go on the roads which are rough and has less traffic, this way you can hear all the noises coming out from the different parts of the car.
  • Do check the temperature gauge from starting till finishing the test drive. as if the engine start heating a lot, you can consider that point later.

steering of used car

  • Now operate the steering wheel while driving, and make sure it doesn’t have much play one it.
  • final part is the most important one acceleration and braking, it should be as normal as you are used to be, all the gears and clutch operation must be in its gentle condition and should be operated with ease.

Now I could say that I have tried my level best to make you aware of everything that you always need to know before buying used car in India.

Each and Every views and opinions are my own and its meant dedicate you guys, and still if you have any doubts, feel free to ask me in the comment section below.

Disclaimer :- All the images shown in the video are shown just for the illustration purpose, and for actual product, please do visit the official website or showrooms of the respective companies.

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